• Rehab Centers – A Window For Re-entry Into Society

    Drug addiction is a killer; it is a peril to the addict as well as the society. But this peril has a way out and those...s

  • Merits & DeMerits

    Let`s now look at what the merits and demerits are with such centers....

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Rehab Centers – A Window For Re-entry Into Society!

Drug addiction is a killer; it is a peril to the addict as well as the society. But this peril has a way out and those are the rehab centers that act as clinics for rescuing the addicts from the slimy nets of addictions. These centers offer a second chance to the addicts to make a re-entry into the society with a respect and self-confidence. It gives them another life and prepares them to face the challenges of life with confidence. They help them live a safe and healthy life making them capable and suitable for everything in life like a normal human being.

There are different types of these rehab clinics - https://www.rehab-finder.org/ and each one of them specializes in treating a different kind of addiction in humans. Some of them are gender based while others age based and these divisions are to make the addicts feel comfortable while they are under treatment. Apart from this, there are also in-patient and out-patient rehab centers. This difference is in the treatment types and the facilities available and offered to the patients. These centers do not compel the patients to stay with them for long and are flexible in offering treatments to the addicts. And the centers also do not force strict schedules on the patients because it is an obvious fact that these addicts will get cured under such treatments only if they desire to be there and hence it becomes important to first make the addicts understand the importance of such treatments for their future living and then make them follow an itinerary.

Many prefer hitting the doors of the state-run ones and one main reason for this is the reduced treatments costs. Yes, when compared to the private ones, the government-run rehab clinics are a little lower on the cost scale and hence become the best affordable option for major part of the society. But deciding based on just costs might sometimes become superfluous because they lack many facilities and merits that are believed to be offered by them generally. Let`s now look at what the merits and demerits are with such centers.


  • Offers – these state-run rehab clinics have reservation programs and quotas for senior citizens and for some eligible classes of people. So if you fall under one of these categories you get to enjoy the treatments free of charge. The facilities might not be as good as the ones offered otherwise but it is definitely better when compared to being without one.
  • Costs – as stated above, the costs that are demanded by the various types of treatments in these government-run centers are much lower than the private ones and hence it has spread its wings to a wider group of people.


  • Tight budgets – since these are state-run organizations, the funds that are allocated for their up gradation and advancement are very less and hence you cannot expect them to have the latest techniques and facilities. And since even a small change or advancement involves huge sums of money, these are generally not appreciated here. This fact does not prove that the existing methods are ineffective but they are definitely not as effective as the latest methods of treating such addiction problems.
  • Privacy a big question – since the formalities are a little hard and elongated here, the officials and professionals demand more information from the patients which not all are comfortable with and hence they feel that the privacy factor is evaded here.
  • Low budget poor service – since the cost of treatments are low here, the patients tend to feel that they are not attended to properly and are sent out with incomplete treatments. This creates a negative impression about such camps and hence patients do not feel like getting back to such spots for treating their problems of addiction.
  • Another major disadvantage is the delayed admission process. Anybody seeking an appointment will first come under the waiting list category which takes the time to give the confirmed status. So waiting time is a big difficulty here.

Before addictions trap you in their tight clutches, hold the hands of such centers tightly; do not even delay a second when you know that there is a helping hand close by you.

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